Bathymetric Surveying

The term “bathymetry” originally referred to the ocean’s depth relative to sea level, although it has come to mean “submarine topography,” or the depths and shapes of underwater terrain.

In the same way that topographic maps represent the three-dimensional features (or relief) of overland terrain, bathymetric maps illustrate the land that lies underwater. Variations in sea-floor relief may be depicted by color and contour lines called depth contours or isobaths.

In lieu of mobilizing a manned boat or putting people in the water in a hazardous location survey, WMK can launch the Z-Boat and start surveying immediately. The Z-Boat’s echo sounder and GPS are integrated with a radio modem data transmission system allowing our operator to view the boat track or grid in real time on the shore with a customized laptop. Not only can soundings be reviewed as the data is collected, but survey lines can be easily followed with help from the laptop display.  By using the Z-Boat we have effectively reduced the time it takes to collect data and also ensured the safety of our employees.

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