Water Rights



Nevada is the driest state in the nation. Throughout the west, the right to use water has long been the lifeline to success. WMK’s state appointed Water Right Surveyors work regularly on a diversified range of projects for urban public agencies and rural water districts to Nevada ranches and dairy operations. A thorough review of each client’s needs and goals is assessed for each project.

Water Right Services:

  • Filings
    • Applications for New Appropriation and Supporting Maps
    • Change Applications for Place of Use, Manner of Use or Change of the Point of Diversion and Supporting Maps
    • Proofs of Completion
    • Proofs of Beneficial Use and Cultural Maps
    • Extensions of Time
    • Reports of Conveyance
    • Abstracts of Title
  • Pumpage reporting
  • Historical Research and Analysis for Basin Inventories and Use
  • Management and Coordination with Local, State and Federal Agencies
  • Management and Coordination with Environmental Engineers, Geologists and Well Drillers

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